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Fuels & Combustion Systems Safety: What you don't know can KILL you!

Release Date: December 15th, 2013, available from John S. Wiley and Sons or from Amazon.com. NOTE: John S. Wiley & Son's was founded in 1807 and is one of the leading academic publishers in the world with $1.8 billion in sales.

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Introduction to Natural Gas & Combustion Systems Safety

Currently under contract for my second book with John S. Wiley & Sons, Release Date: Fall of 2014, This will be a text book with a solutions manual for engineers and safety professionals. It will also include material regarding fracking well gas issues and insight into tragedies that have occurred in the oil & gas development world.

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"Because the experiences were real, I was there"

It's one thing to hear about something, it's another to read about it or see pictures, unfortunately I have now personally been to more than 30 explosion, or fire or carbon monoxide death accident sites. These incidents have involved the deaths of more than 20 people with more than 100 injured and billions in property damage. I have looked into the eyes of survivors, of those horribly maimed from burns and injuries. I have met the families, I have sat with those who no longer can function mentally because of their narrow escapes and the loss of friends and or co-workers. For me it's very real. When I write it's from the heart. This is the perspective for how I write and the reasons for why I write.