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From Merriam Websters: A Person who argues for or supports a cause or policy.

Maybe you're a labor union, or management, or an individual equipment operator at a plant site. You think something is dangerous, you have told people over and over and no one seems to listen. Maybe you have been told something that does not seem right and you're looking for an interpretation or direction and don't know where to even start to look to verify something. Maybe there's already been a close call, a minor explosion or poof and no one seems to think anything of it. 

Where do you go for an answer, who can you call? You can contact me FREE OF CHARGE. I would be happy to help direct you with what I know about codes and standards related to industrial fuels and combustion equipment. I can help with contacts in enforcement agencies that might be able to help change your organizations culture. I will also keep our contact CONFIDENTIAL.